shogi as an adult, it will be too interesting to stop.


Shogi is boring.

When I was a child, I didn’t know much about the rules and I don’t know how to move the pieces.

That’s what’s interesting because the other party has taken the pieces.

So I lost my interest in shogi.

If you are not interested in shogi, isn’t that the way it is?

However, along with studying, if you become interested in shogi as an adult, it will be too interesting to stop.

The trigger is a smartphone app

There is a game called “Shogi Wars” in the smartphone app.

Until now, shogi has been like meeting pieces indifferently and going to victory or defeat,

In Shogi Wars, you can use certain formations and usages to create beautiful effects.

That’s cool! !

I am particular about background music and voice, and I have a lot of anime collaboration, so it is not hard at all.

I’m in Shogi Wars.

“Heh, shogi has skills and formations. You can’t win even if you attack the dark clouds. I’m looking at more special effects.”

I began to be interested in the world of modern shogi.

Shogi manga is also recommended

Today, there are various manga related to shogi.

Even if you are not interested in shogi, there are only very interesting manga as a story.

Manga where frustrated people stand up, manga that mainly lunches instead of shogi, school things, etc.

Shogi is also interesting, so it is recommended because you can try your brain like a konnyaku.

My favorite shogi manga is also an article, so please join us(^▽^)

Shogi is a pocket-sized war

Shogi is a battle of national stealing.

In other words, it’s a pocket-sized war.

When I was a child, I can’t understand it, so I can’t attack right away and win.

First of all, we have to make an enclosure to protect the king.

The strongest withdrawal [Badger], balanced “Yagra”, handy “Kanigakoi”

There are many others.

Various enclosures thought by the pioneering warlords (players). It’s fun to remember.

How to attack should not be a dark cloud.

Basically, it is the theory to attack using a flying car,

There are two types of “iahi”, which uses the flying car vertically, and the “swinging car” that uses the flying car sideways.

It’s cool just to know that.

“Heh, you’re a swinger. I’m a 10-car party,” isn’t it cool if you can say? ?

Just by knowing how to fence and attack, you will not lose to amateurs first.

Then, the interest in shogi accelerates. The feeling is a lord of the Warring States period.

These days, you can learn the basics with videos

When your interest in shogi accelerates, the next thing you will want to learn is “Joseki”.

“Joseki” is a series of flows to win.

“When it comes like this, do this.”

It has become a staple in the history that it refers to shogi. So to speak, it is an example answer.

Wow, I don’t remember.

“Failure to do F” in the place of saying with the guitar is this hit.

When such a heart seems to break, let’s watch the video.

Now, videos related to shogi such as YouTube and Abema TV are gently explained for young people.

Not only “Joseki” but also basic courses are gently explained, so you can learn while having fun.

Recommended is “Female Shogi Player Eriko YamaguchiChannel” onYouTube.

Anyway, it praises me, so it is excellent in sustainability and becomes a fan.

make use of one’s work through shogi

What I thought I started to play shogi.

“Work and shogi are the same.”

Because of my work, I often work as a team, but everyone has different personalities and abilities naturally.

When you get to the middle of the field,

“This person can use it, this person can’t.” There are things that I think about.

It was different. It is a big mistake.

Each person has the right person in the right place.

If you compare it with shogi, you can only step forward one step at a time, but depending on where you hit it, you can also defeat horns and knights.

The flying car is all-round, but it is absolutely not possible to win only by the flying car.

Again, there is the right person in the right place.

Those who think that “I can use it, I can not use it”.

I can’t master it. I don’t know the strengths and characteristics of my opponent.

That won’t work.

There is no piece that is not required for shogi.

There is no one who is not necessary.

When I was playing shogi, I thought that work and shogi were the same. The person who can use the piece well wins.

Of course, what I just mentioned is a concept, not to think of people as pieces.

Don’t forget the feeling that everyone is supported because you can’t do anything by yourself.

In addition, when you play shogi, you can see the whole, so you can have a wide field of view.

It can be said that the charm of shogi is that it is very usefulfor business.



In the long history, many famous words and proverbs have been born, but there are many words based on shogi.

“Seigane” seems to have become rich (and gold) by ordinary people (walking) working hard.

It is also from the “stuffing” of shogi that I clog up and shout “Jammed~!”.

In this way, shogi has actually appeared many times in casual scenes in life.

The fun of shogi after growing up is a proof that the interest in the world was born by going out intosociety.

Why don’t you learn “Shogi” by all means to develop new hobbies?


Thank you for reading so far(^▽^)/

See you again☆彡